Skylar Huth,

Analyst, Separate Accounts

Skylar provides macro economic analysis to support investment decisions, creates models and real estate markets review reports, and provides analytics for research reports, client presentations, and media inquiries. 

Since joining the business in 2014, he has worked on the annual target market selection process, market reviews for the various CASA funds, and various research reports. Prior to this, Skylar worked for Grant Thornton providing business advisory consulting services to various financial and technology companies.

Skylar received his Bachelor degree in Finance from Brigham Young University and has participated in NMHC, NCREIF, and CBRE-EA research conferences.

Contact Skylar Huth

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4675 MacArthur Court, Suite 1100
Newport Beach
United States of America
CA 92660
+19498092611 +19492445038