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THINK Global: Offices

In our latest research report, we consider potential office market investment locations in emerging economies by 2030. Based on a realistic assessment of developing market transparency and factoring in scale and growth potential, the research concludes with a relatively short list of potential future target markets.

The report expands on our existing research, examining dominant demographic megatrends and their subsequent implications on the built environment. Noting that the shift of economic power from developing to emerging markets in recent decades has been accompanied by mass urbanisation in Latin America, and notably across emerging Asia, the research examines projected urban population growth and the emergence of major new office centres as local economies shift from production to higher value-add financial, business and consumer services.

In particular, the report highlights the experience of China and India – whose economies have gained ground on the US, particularly after the global financial crisis.

The report draws on projections from Oxford Economics, which reveal that London and Istanbul will represent the only non-Asian cities among the world’s leading 25 cities for office job creation, by 2030. Most developed world cities are expected to lose relative ground while Mumbai and Delhi break into the top 10, and no less than seven Chinese cities will rank in the top 25. However, the research acknowledges the competitive advantages that will preserve today’s top office locations in developed countries. Thus, over the time span, London, Tokyo, New York and Paris will still appear in the ranking of the world’s top 10 markets in terms of the size of their office workforce.

In shortlisting potential target office markets for investment in the long run, factors such as current scale, projected growth and potential improvements in transparency result in a relatively short list of just 20 cities. The majority of qualifying centres are in emerging Asia and Latin America, alongside three Middle Eastern cities.   

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