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THINK Global Logistics: The impact of global megatrends on the logistics market

In our latest research report, we consider potential impacts on the future of the logistics sector.

Expanding on existing research, we have been examining dominant demographic megatrends and their subsequent implications on the built environment. Global megatrends spawn a myriad of demographic, economic, social and technological changes, some of which will have significant implications for logistics. Logistics real estate has already evolved to cater for complex services that a simple shed can no longer provide. Megatrends will be accompanied by increased supply chain complexity and will require the sector to constantly adapt. Smart investors need to follow these changes closely to anticipate the transformation different cities, countries and segments of the markets will go through as a result of these megatrends playing out.

The report points to a number of key megatrends and examines the likely impact on a range of factors, spanning from supply and demand, to location and physical build implications.

A few of the implications highlighted include –

- An increase of logistics space requirements in developing countries, in order to adapt to rapid growth of middle class households
- A rethink of logistics building design as urban areas become ever more densely built up
- Increasing demand for more medium sized building when 3D printing becomes widely adopted
- The need for high building specifications as logistics starts to overlap with production handling and R&D
- Increased building efficiency as sustainability initiatives mature

Click here to download the report.

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Stefan Wundrak

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