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UK Referendum: Our response

As a business, we respect the decision of the British electorate to leave the European Union. We have worked over recent months to determine the potential impact of this decision on our clients, through the funds, mandates and ventures that we operate on their behalf. This has involved identifying a number of work streams for areas such as valuation, product, regulation, tax and operations, amongst others, to work through the consequences that will arise. These will now be formally implemented.

We have entered a period of uncertainty for the UK and Europe, and are on hand to provide support to our clients. We will closely monitor the situation to assess all possible repercussions and implications for our clients’ investments and our business.

Our commitment to the UK real estate market will not change in light of this result, due to its strong underlying fundamentals.

Our primary focus at this time is our clients and the investments they hold with us.

Mike Sales

Mike Sales

Head of TH Real Estate

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