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TH Real Estate collaborates with major commercial property owners to demonstrate role of real estate in achieving a decarbonised Tomorrow’s World


TH Real Estate has collaborated with other major commercial property owners to send a clear message on the role real estate can play in meeting the Government’s carbon reduction targets, supporting the COP21 Paris Agreement and improving energy security in the UK.

Each year, in the largest voluntary initiative of its kind, TH Real Estate joins other members of the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) to provide energy consumption data for its UK properties, which is then used to create publically available benchmarks for the industry – the BBP Real Estate Environmental Benchmark (REEB).

Using TH Real Estate’s and other members’ anonymised data gathered to produce REEB, the BBP has released a new report - Real Estate Environmental Benchmark 2015 – A 5 year journey. The report provides a retrospective assessment of how BBP members’ portfolios have performed over the past five years, demonstrating what the members have achieved in energy and carbon intensity reductions.

Performance highlights of the BBP members’ portfolio include:
- 22% improvement in energy efficiency of the BBP members' portfolio
- 28% improvement in energy efficiency for offices
- 20% reduction in like-for-like energy consumption
- Over £15m savings in energy costs
- 58,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved

Sustainability Associate at TH Real Estate, Richard Hamilton-Grey, said “Helping foster robust sustainability benchmarks, such as REEB, has a clear alignment with our new global strategy of investing in Tomorrow’s World for the enduring benefit of our clients and society. Our work in this area builds on the strong environmental performance achieved, to date, across the global portfolio, and the robust framework we have put in place to monitor our environment footprint, as demonstrated by the appointment of Verco Global Advisory Services earlier this year and the recent release of our Annual Sustainability Report.

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Richard Hamilton-Grey

Richard Hamilton-Grey

Sustainability Manager

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