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iGlobal Forum: 2nd Real Estate Private Equity Summit Europe

Christian Janssen (Head of Debt) is speaking on the panel: Expected developments in the debt finance market

As the economy shows signs of recovery, domestic and overseas investors are moving back into European real estate private equity. But the shape of the market and the nature of the risks involved are changing. There is markedly less demand for long-term capital flows, and many investors are scrutinising their managers with intensive due diligence. Increased competition and impending regulatory developments are creating a shift in the debt markets, and with so much liquidity chasing limited supply, many managers are looking to peripheral markets to deliver returns. The 2nd Real Estate Private Equity Summit: Europe will offer an in-depth understanding into the trends that are affecting pricing, the role that leverage should play in your real estate investments, and in which regions and asset classes you will find the best risk-adjusted returns.

Date: 23 September 2014

Location: London

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Christian Janssen

Christian Janssen

Head of European Debt

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