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THINK Global: MAGIC metrics and global cities


In a follow-up to last year’s inaugural ‘MAGIC’ assessment of the global investment environment, we revisit the status of the property market cycle in our latest research report.


MAGIC refers to:

  • Monetary policy
  • Aging & demographics
  • Government fiscal policy
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Competitiveness 


The nature and importance of each individual component of MAGIC differ on a country-by-country basis, but the power of MAGIC as a whole is pervasive around the globe. When combined with analysis of each country’s property market cycle, it is an insightful basis for investment strategy.

The report documents 2014 performance and summarises the key expectations for global real estate in 2015. It analyses the MAGIC metrics for TH Real Estate’s target countries, identifies optimal country pairings for diversification purposes, and extends its target locations to include cities, as well as countries. The report concludes that having explored the components of MAGIC and megatrends more widely, it is apparent their impact will be more pronounced, usually for the better, but sometimes for worse, at city level. 

Download the report