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Katherine Friend

​There has been much change in the sportswear retail market in recent months...

​There has been much change in the sportswear retail market in recent months. On the one hand you have the blazing success stories of Sports Direct piling it high and selling it cheap and JD Sports targeting the more fashionable end of the market. In stark contrast to that, the market saw the slow and miserable demise of JJB who eventually fell into administration last September.

JJB over recent years failed to find a niche – they were neither cheap nor fashionable and failed to monopolise on the excitement from the Olympics and Euro 2012. However, out of the ashes have come at least three more retailers looking to pick up some market share.

First out of the blocks have been Nike and the Henderson UK Retail Warehouse Fund have already completed three lettings in Edinburgh, Manchester and Norwich. Sporting Pro are due to take two this year with an ambitious expansion plans for next year and finally Adidas have appointed agents to begin an expansion plan. We all look forward to seeing some long awaited healthy competition in a well-loved subsector.

Katherine Friend

Katherine Friend

Head of Asset Management Retail Warehousing

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