Our values

The financial crisis revealed that acting responsibly is not just about complying with rules and regulations. Having a culture and a set of values, which ensure that day-to-day decisions are made in the best long-term interests of our clients, is equally important.


Performance - Deliver excellence
We aim to deliver superior investment performance and client service on a global scale. Building on the company’s track record, our funds continue to perform well against their peer groups, benefiting from a sophisticated investment style, combined with our rigorous investment process. 


Collaborate - Actively contribute to others' success, wherever they are
Our success is intertwined with that of our clients’. That’s why collaboration is so important in what we do; when we are in synch with our clients’ interests, there are few limits to what we can achieve together. 


Innovate - Be innovative in creating value, and be heard
Positioning ourselves for Tomorrow’s World, rather than today’s, lies at the heart of TH Real Estate. We’re committed to capturing long-term, structural changes in both occupational demand and capital flows, to create sustainable real estate products relevant to both occupiers and investors, and future-proofing our clients’ interests. 


Integrity - Always do the right thing, regardless of who is watching
With size, comes responsibility, whether that be social or corporate. As a leading investor in Tomorrow’s World, we must actively integrate environmental, social and governance principles today. Whether these relate to our investment strategies or the way we run our business, from day one we’ve committed ourselves to operating with integrity at all levels. 


Passion - Succeed with determination, drive and the right attitude
Our funds are managed by specialist teams who apply their own experience to the management of their portfolios. Their confidence, passion and dedication shines through, resulting in hard work and superior investment results. It’s the excellence, professionalism and passion of our employees which make the potential future growth of our business immeasurable. 


Personality - Be yourself and respect other personalities, we are unique
Delivering performance is a team effort that embraces all types of skills, reasoning, experience, aptitude, temperament and insight. Our employees are diverse in their nature and are united in a common goal to provide the best results for our clients. Each role, but more importantly, each personality, that comes together across this business, helps to create a culture of success.