13 March - 16 March 2018

Cannes, France

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Meet our global team of real estate experts at MIPIM 2018. Meet the team aboard the New Star to discuss our latest products and solutions.

TH Real Estate attendees

Photo of Alice Breheny

Alice Breheny

Global Head of Research

Photo of Andrew Rich

Andrew Rich


Photo of Carl White

Carl White

Head of GA European Retail Investment

Photo of Christel Zordan

Christel Zordan

Head of France

Photo of Christoph Wagner R3

Christoph Wagner

Director of Debt Strategies, Origination & Structuring

Photo of David Moese

David Moese

Head of Investment, Austria

Photo of Farrah Brown

Farrah Brown

Head of Treasury

Photo of Giacomo Barbieri

Giacomo Barbieri

Managing Director, Senior Regional Head, New York Investments

Photo of Ian Currie

Ian Currie

Director, International Advisory Services

Photo of Jack Sibley

Jack Sibley

Innovation & Technology Strategies

Photo of Jasper Gilbey

Jasper Gilbey

Head of GA European Business Space Investment

Photo of Johan Astrom

Johan Åström

Head of Investment, Nordics

Photo of Kara Eigl

Kara Eigl

Director of PR

Photo of Liz Sworn

Liz Sworn

Fund Manager, Europe

Photo of Liz Williams

Liz Williams

Events Executive

Photo of Mario Pello

Mario Pellò

Head of Investment, Italy

Photo of Marta Cladera

Marta Cladera

Head of Iberia

Photo of Maxime Julie

Maxime Julie

President, France

Photo of Michael Klauke-Werner

Michael Klauke-Werner

Managing Director, International Advisory Services

Photo of Michael Neal

Michael Neal

CIO, Europe and Asia Pacific

Photo of Mike Sales

Mike Sales

Head of TH Real Estate

Photo of Myles White

Myles White

Head of European Retail

Photo of Nick Deacon

Nick Deacon

Head of European Offices

Photo of Per Frederiksen

Per Frederiksen

Managing Director, International Advisory Services

Photo of Peter Neal

Peter Neal

Senior Portfolio Manager

Photo of Shawn Kaufman R3

Shawn Kaufman

Director of Debt Strategies, Origination & Syndication

Photo of Stephan Austrup

Stephan Austrup

Head of Retail, Germany

Photo of Thilo Wagner

Thilo Wagner

Managing Director Investment, Germany

Photo of Thorsten Kiel

Thorsten Kiel

Head of European Industrial & Logistics

Photo of Tim Hennes

Tim Hennes

Senior Investment Manager

Photo of Tim Horrocks

Timothy Horrocks

Head of Continental Europe