Profit from change

30 November 2017

TH Real Estate, 201 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3BN

Further information

We are delighted to host and sponsor Retail Property Analyst's 'THE i-Generation Event: Profit from change'. The event provides a unique blend of innovation, technology and retail real estate, bringing together top speakers to discuss the dramatic changes in retailing and consumer behaviour.

Myles White, Director of Retail, will provide a welcome and opening remarks.

Martin Perry, Director of Development, and Angela Goodings, Associate Director of Research, are speaking on the topic 'Tech and the City: The digital inside' at 11:15am.

Chris Pyne, Director of Shopping Centres, is participating in the panel titled 'Future Shock I: Who needs agents?' at 2:30pm.

TH Real Estate attendees

Speaker Photo of Angela Goodings

Angela Goodings

Associate Director of Research

Speaker Photo of Chris Pyne

Chris Pyne

Director of Shopping Centres

Speaker Photo of Martin Perry

Martin Perry

Director of Development

Speaker Photo of Myles White

Myles White

Head of European Retail

Photo of Caroline Black

Caroline Potgieter

Senior Marketing Manager

Photo of Christoph Wagner R3

Christoph Wagner

Director of Debt Strategies, Origination & Structuring

Photo of Jack Sibley

Jack Sibley

Innovation & Technology Strategies

Photo of Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson

Fund Manager

Photo of Nawaz Mohamed

Nawaz Mohamed

Fund Analyst

Photo of Olivier Pioch

Olivier Pioch

Retail Portfolio Manager

Photo of Thomas Seton R3

Thomas Seton

Portfolio Manager