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Iberia offers cross-sector investment appeal

Property EU investment briefing

Stefan Wundrak (Head of European Research) and Marta Cladera (Head of Iberia) spoke last week at PropertyEU's Southern Europe Investment Briefing, hosted at our global headquarters.

The panellists at the briefing agreed that Spain and Italy are attractive markets, not just because of their growth prospects, but also because they offer interest investment opportunities in different sectors.

"Now everybody wants to be in Spain," said Marta Cladera de Codina, Head of Iberia at TH Real Estate. "All investors are buying rental growth, because it is happening and we can see it. In offices, we have still not reached the peak compared to previous cycles. The issue, is lack of core quality product for core investors. Residential in all the major cities is another attractive investment, whether it involves development or refurbishing old buildings. High-quality residential is coming back strongly in Madrid and Barcelona."

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Marta Cladera

Marta Cladera

Head of Iberia

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