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THINK US: Apartment seasoning - a recipe for better investment performance?


In this THINK US research report, we discuss the balance between too much, or too little 'seasoning' for institutional apartment investors, by examining the relationship between apartment seasoning, measured by property age and total return investment performance.

Proper seasoning can make or break, when it comes to cooking the perfect dish. Too little seasoning can result in a bland, unsatisfying dining experience; too much seasoning can make a meal unpalatable. Can the culinary arts offer some sage advice for institutional apartment investors? In this report, we examine the relationship between apartment ‘seasoning,’ as measured by property age, and total return investment performance using data from the NCREIF Property Index (NPI). Similar to the principles of gastronomy, we find that ‘just the right amount’ of seasoning may lead apartment investors to the most satisfying investment result.

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