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In the US, multifamily housing has been a key focus for over two decades, including a specialised and successful platform that integrates portfolio and asset management, transactions, debt financing, accounting, reporting and client services, while leveraging long-term relationships with best-in-class third party property managers.

We manage c.$8.6bn of multifamily housing assets, including $2.4bn across the CASA series of funds, comprised of six closed-end apartment funds, with a focus on workforce housing. The CASA team targets strategies that generate high current income in demand-driven markets. Value-add strategies include asset repositioning, joint ventures and specialty below-market financing. The total apartment portfolio in the US consists of 172 investments across 59 markets.

In Europe, we are exploring the possibility of leveraging our US multifamily expertise to explore UK opportunities within the private rented sector; we believe that investors can benefit from the strong supply versus demand dynamics currently being experienced. We are also increasingly interested in the student housing sector globally, which we believe offers solid investment fundamentals.

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James Martha

James Martha

Fund Manager

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The multifamily housing strategy takes an integrated approach, combining multiple value-enhancing investment strategies with income-enhancing, low-cost specialty bond financing to meet its goals. The team executing this strategy has worked together for decades and have successfully navigated multiple market cycles.


James Martha

James Martha

Managing Director, Head of Multifamily

With 32 years of real estate investment experience, James is Chairman of the CASA Senior Leadership Team (SLT) which oversees the investment process for the CASA funds.

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Mike Schwaab

Michael Schwaab

Senior Director, CASA Series & Student Housing

With 25 years of real estate experience, Mike is responsible for the strategic planning and management of both portfolios, and is a member of the Senior Leadership Team for the CASA series of multifamily housing funds.

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