Treasury encompasses leverage (secured and unsecured), derivatives and cash management, and is fundamental to our investment process.

We aim to arrange, manage and direct the finance arrangements of the funds; this enables fund managers to concentrate on their key skill of property investment whilst our team of specialists ameliorate those returns by using our market knowledge and long experience in the industry.

Many investors and fund managers rely on third party support, or expose themselves to the whims of the market at the time of execution. At TH Real Estate, we recognise the advantage of ongoing representation in specialist areas such as Treasury, which allow us to secure competitive, best fit terms for any given property portfolio. This also ensures that we are best placed to manage liquidity even during periods of market disruption.

Farrah Brown

Farrah Brown

Head of Treasury

Farrah's biography
Farrah Brown

Farrah Brown

Head of Treasury

As Head of Treasury, Farrah is responsible for the raising of new debt and managing existing facilities on behalf of all TH Real Estate funds, with a loan book of c.$4.7bn. She also provides advisory and execution services to funds on interest rate, foreign exchange and credit risk issues.

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Ilona R3

Ilona Kriksciunaite

Treasury Analyst

With over 2 years' real estate finance experience, Ilona is responsible for analysing and reporting on the performance of debt facilities of TH Real Estate funds.

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Marie-Anne Railton

Marie-Anne Railton

Assistant Treasurer

Having joined TH Real Estate in 2016, Marie-Anne brings eight years of real estate finance experience. She serves as Assistant Treasurer and is responsible for arranging and managing third party financing for the funds.

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Serravalle Designer Outlet

European Outlet Mall Fund refinancing

Our flagship European Outlet Mall Fund, which owns eight outlet mall assets across Europe, in addition to its indirect holding in three UK outlet mall assets, underwent
a number of major debt refinancings in 2014, following a successful ten-year extension.

In total, we secured c.$450m for the Fund throughout 2014. The success in achieving these refinancings is a testament to our strong banking relationships and our reputation for good stock selection, asset management and integrity. 2014 was a year where prevailing interest rates, and the return of strong liquidity to all markets, enabled us to really help drive our investors’ returns.

Note: Past performance is not a guide to future performance.