Our solutions

We work closely with our clients to develop long-term strategic relationships, to understand their goals and meet their requirements. To ensure we provide each investor with a tailored solution, made up of a range of products and strategies, we have deepened our range of solutions to offer the resilient, enhanced and debt series:


  • Our resilient series is designed for investors who are focused on diversification, income and long-term capital growth. Our strategies focus on investing in high-quality assets in leading cities that are well positioned in terms of long-term structural trends including demographic change, urbanisation and technology.
  • Our enhanced series applies strategies that work within market cycles, use a more active asset management and repositioning approach, and/or invest in emerging sectors and locations. These strategies are designed for investors that are looking for an enhanced level of capital growth.
  • Our debt series is designed to provide investors access to secure, income-focused returns. Our strategies may suit cautious investors seeking attractive levels of income with a measure of downside protection against short-term capital cycles.  

Our business is entirely focused on real estate investment and providing clients with access to these strategies across a range of structures and capital markets. This includes co-investments/joint ventures, separate accounts, club deals and pooled funds. In each case, we work closely in partnership with some of the most sophisticated investors in the market.