Open Fund

ERES APAC II - China Outlets

An exclusive opportunity to invest in premier designer outlet malls in China.

Key facts

Target sector Designer outlet malls
Target return 12% IRR (net)*
Fund term Nine years
Currency US$
Fund value $1.7bn by 2020
Max gearing 50%
Fund Manager John Sharp-Paul
Investment strategy
  • Aims to acquire and gain long-term exposure to a scalable portfolio of leading designer outlet malls in China
  • Targets the Chinese outlet mall sector which is a structural growth sector underpinned by a rising middle class, globalisation of brands and demand for luxury goods

*The ultimate returns realised by the strategy will depend on numerous factors that are subject to uncertainty. Accordingly, there can be no assurance that any return objectives will actually be realised.

Source: TH Real Estate, 31 March 2018

John Sharp Paul

John Sharp-Paul

Fund Manager

John's biography
China is one of the most lucrative and fastest growing retail markets in the world. Luxury designer outlets are in a prime position to benefit from these structural trends, yet supply remains at extremely low levels relative to developed markets.
Chris Reilly

Chris Reilly

Fund Director

Chris has over 22 years of real estate experience, spending the last 15 in Asia. He is responsible for the management and expansion of our Asia Pacific business, including new investment products, partnerships, corporate offices and infrastructure.

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Carsten Kebbedies

Carsten Kebbedies

Head of Business Development, Asia Pacific

With 14 years of experience, Carsten is responsible for the development and implementation of investment products, and identifying opportunities for growth of the TH Real Estate business in the Asia Pacific region.

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John Sharp Paul

John Sharp-Paul

Head of Portfolio Management, Asia

John is responsible for the portfolio management of our direct property platform in Asia, on behalf of international and domestic investors.

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Joe Magrath

Joe Magrath

Director of Development, China

With 18 years’ experience in Greater China real estate, Joe is responsible for directing our development activities across China, and overseeing our growing development activity in the greater Asia Pacific region. His experience includes consulting in master planning and design, project management and development feasibility.

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Harry Tan

Harry Tan

Head of Research, Asia Pacific

Harry is responsible for providing strategic advice to the corporate business and clients, with respect to the Asia Pacific market.

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