Tomorrow's World

We live in a world that is constantly changing and this is heightened by challenging market conditions, evolving investor requirements, and increased sustainability pressures. The real estate industry is preoccupied with market cycles, but focusing on the immediate year ahead can come at a cost: opportunities to capture structural growth are often missed and investors risk long-term value erosion. Our priority is to deliver outperformance for our clients and protect Tomorrow’s World, by future-proofing today’s investments and identifying the optimum investments for tomorrow. At TH Real Estate, our Tomorrow’s World approach focuses on the bigger picture trends and insights that will impact the future use and demand for global real estate.


In light of our approach, we have made a public commitment to reduce the energy intensity of our global equity portfolio by 30% by the year 2030. This target is in line with climate change science, and means that we are playing our part in the global movement to limit global warming to 2 degrees, as agreed in the Paris Accord.


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