Helping to create Tomorrow's World

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Helping to create a Tomorrow’s World which supports thriving communities, businesses and ecosystems.

We believe it is our duty to create outstanding places for people in the communities of tomorrow, where community-wide prosperity is unlocked and environmental systems are restored. We fulfil this objective by being bold in our vision for places and by insisting on the highest standards of design, construction and operation, and by integrating a whole-life, real-life performance optimisation approach into our development and management processes.

We are helping to create a Tomorrow’s World which supports thriving communities, businesses and ecosystems by:

- providing our people with opportunities and encouragement to volunteer through the provision of time and match-funding, with a focus on educational, social, cultural and environmental stewardship projects;
- aiming to measure, benchmark and target key ESG metrics for all assets under management, whilst increasing our participation in, and engagement with respected industry organisations, such as the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), to help improve their relevance for our clients;
- seeking the highest practicable green building and wellness ratings for our development and major refurbishment projects, where there is a sensible business case for doing so;
- creating a stretching framework for sustainable development, refurbishment and fit-out projects, which is applicable in tailored form for all project sizes, types and locations;
- continuing to engage with prospective and existing occupiers to promote and facilitate more sustainable occupancy;
- seeking to enable the occupiers of our commercial properties to be successful and responsible businesses by providing support and collaborating on performance monitoring and enhancement initiatives.

Mike Sales

Mike Sales

Head of TH Real Estate

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We seek to engage positively and proactively with our stakeholders to help protect and improve the future prospects of the cities and communities in which we invest, aiming to safeguard our clients’ investment interests whilst having a positive impact in the world around us.
The Point data centre

The Point

Our Tomorrow’s World investment philosophy allows our developments to spearhead and evaluate the application of new technologies and solutions. An example of this is our development of The Point, a two-phase, Tier 3 'powered shell' data centre development in London Docklands. The asset is located near Canary Wharf and the City of London which house some of the largest financial service companies, of which their secure customer data will stored at The Point. Completed in August 2017, Phase 1 and 2 offers a total of 126,231 sq ft (11,727 sq m) of area data, a technical area of 60,000 sq ft (5,574 sq m) and a power supply of 25.5 MVA diverse feeds. The Point is targeting a BREEAM Excellent rating once a tenant lease is secured, and features a green roof on the link bridge to enhance biodiversity with plans to potentially use water from the River Thames to provide coolth. 434513-G-INST-AN-02/19


Princesshay honey flow

Princesshay, a dominant city centre scheme jointly owned by our UK Shopping Centre Fund and The Crown Estate, has launched a new piece of commissioned public art by Exeter based artist Amy Shelton. The initiative is part of the asset's City Bee project. The Princesshay Honey Flow light box is situated in Bampfylde Lane, opposite Princesshay’s customer service office. To celebrate the occasion, Princesshay and local arts charity, Honeyscribe hosted a series of bee themed events for visitors of all ages as part of Honeyscribe's Hive project. Learn more.

Manchester Fort Shopping Centre

Manchester Fort Shopping Park

Richard Hamilton-Grey (Sustainability Manager) expands on the waste management initiatives in place at Manchester Fort Shopping Park, highlighting our dedication to Tomorrow's World. The new programme allows for bespoke collections to be implemented for individual tenants, resulting in better cost analysis of the waste management services provided. Learn more. 

Better buildings partnership

Science-based energy target commitment

As featured by Better Buildings Partnership, Abigail Dean (Head of Sustainability) elaborates on our public commitment to reduce the energy intensity of our global equity portfolio, detailing the methodology, benefits, financials and management of the target. Learn more.

L'Aljub case study

L'Aljub Shopping Centre, Spain

We introduced the ‘BREEAM In Use’ scheme the L’Aljub Shopping Centre in Spain, in 2014. The scheme aims to reduce running costs and improve the environmental performance of buildings; it included a two-year investment and implementation programme covering sustainable procurement, tenant engagement, water and energy reduction measures, recycling, environmental risk assessment, biodiversity, lighting and improved performance monitoring. The centre was recognised as 'very good', while the management was recognised as 'excellent'. L’Aljub was one of the first shopping centres in Spain to achieve certification, and was successfully sold in May 2018. 523465-G-INST-AN-06/19

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