Investing in Tomorrow's World

Florentia Jingjin

Investing in the value of Tomorrow’s World.

We are focused on investment strategies and opportunities which safeguard and enhance value for our clients, whilst making a lasting and positive difference in the cities of tomorrow. We aim to achieve this by taking the longer term view and making sure that our investment and corporate activities are aligned with global megatrends, while delivering positive benefits for communities, businesses and the environment through our stewardship of built assets.

We are investing in the value of Tomorrow's World by:

- aligning the remuneration strategies for our people to the goals and objectives for Tomorrow's World;
striving to ensure the premises we occupy are flagships of inspiring, healthy and productive environments in which to work and spend time;
- continuing to invest further in our research and risk management capabilities in order that our Strategic Asset Allocations can be aligned to the cities, asset classes and investment opportunities that are likely to be most resilient to future pressures and shocks;
- undertaking rigorous assessments of ESG risks and value arbitrage opportunities as part of our investment due diligence procedures (both equity and debt), including integrating pertinent considerations into appraisals which look beyond anticipated holding or loan periods;
- taking a long term, respectful and conscientious approach to the planning and development of new places and buildings, such that we avoid building premature obsolescence into the assets of tomorrow;
- development opportunities allowing our experienced development team to spearhead and evaluate the application of new technologies and solutions;
- continuing to deepen our relationships with the key cities in which we are invested, so that we can contribute our expertise to their strategic goals, aspirations and future success;
- aiming to ensure that the investment, letting and managing agents that we engage have the skills, resources and mind-set necessary to support the realisation of our RPI goals, including where necessary promoting and providing training opportunities for them.

Chris McGibbon

Chris McGibbon

Head of Americas

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Our Tomorrow’s World investment philosophy sits at the core of our investment process and operations, and is integral to us identifying future-proof investments for our clients.
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