Preparing for Tomorrow's World

699 Bourke Street

Preparing for a Tomorrow's World which is constantly changing.

We ensure that our business, the assets we manage and the people we work with, are ready for the heightened pressures, growing responsibilities and new opportunities in the markets of tomorrow, in order to strive to consistently outperform through the cycles. In order to do this, we take full advantage of our best-in-class research and insight capabilities to identify risk and opportunity ahead of the curve, we leverage our long-standing approach to robust environmental management within the context of our broader asset management capabilities, and we build capacity and resilience throughout our organisation, within our supply chain, and across our portfolios.

We are preparing for a Tomorrow's World which is constantly changing by:

- recruiting the best people with the capabilities necessary to provide our clients with outstanding returns and service;
- providing regular training and professional development opportunities for our people to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills and insights needed to anticipate and respond to changing market circumstances;
- closely monitoring the evolving policy and regulatory environment in the jurisdictions in which we are invested at regional, national and municipal levels;
- setting targets for our portfolios and assets that reduce adverse impacts and enhance performance outcomes consistent with the scientific evidence base, and review those targets annually, or more frequently if required;
- undertaking assessments of environmental and other relevant risks before committing to and taking forward development;
- aiming to ensure that our development activities alleviate environmental risk and contribute to healthy, cohesive and prosperous communities;
- collaborating with partners, including suppliers, on research and innovation programmes to prepare products and solutions for new and existing buildings that are fit for the future;
- engaging with and support relevant industry bodies, including the furtherance of strategic relationships, in better understanding and responding to key global megatrends within the real estate and financial services sectors.

Alice Breheny

Alice Breheny

Global Head of Research

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Active in preparing for the future, we are constantly exploring megatrends and their impact on the real estate sector, identifying and harnessing opportunities for our clients.
699 Bourke Street

699 Bourke Street

Jointly owned by TH Real Estate and Mirvac Group (‘Mirvac’), 699 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia presents impressive sustainability features and is evidence of TH Real Estate’s dedication to preparing for Tomorrow’s World. The 21, 000 sq m building is A-Grade, has been awarded 6-Green stars, and boasts an impressive 90 kW rooftop solar system, the largest solar power system on a commercial office in Melbourne, and an 80,000 litre rainwater catchment system. Learn more.

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We have adopted an innovative, two–pronged approach to top-down analysis, capturing both structural megatrends and tactical real estate fundamentals, to identify "future-proof" cities. This process has involved analysing cities' data, which can be explored in the map below.

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