Ready to be part of Tomorrow's World

Responsible Property Investment

Ready to be part of a Tomorrow’s World in which we are an active and positive corporate citizen.

We strive to be an engaged, influential and active corporate citizen in the business of tomorrow. We approach this by staying true to our values of performance, collaboration, innovation, integrity, passion and personality; and by maintaining leading governance standards and processes at the corporate, fund and asset level.

We are ready to be part of a Tomorrow’s World in which we are an active and positive corporate citizen, by:

- creating a culture of unstinting commitment to ethical business practices, including through robust anti-bribery, anti-corruption practices and whistle-blowing arrangements;
- undertaking Global Employee Engagement Surveys annually, with the aim of consistently being the top performer in our sector;
- valuing fairly the contribution, diversity, wellbeing and life goals of all our people, we enhance the external visibility of our people, giving them the tools and encouragement to be thought-leaders and ambassadors for our industry;
- sharing best practices with government and industry peers to foster a culture of collaboration for the common good and are transparent about the performance of the assets we own and manage by displaying environmental and wellness ratings;
- sharing lessons learnt from our development and regeneration activities with our peers, our contractors, and our design team partners;
- attempting to harness and amplify the community impact potential of relevant assets in terms of job creation, education and skills opportunities, meeting places, hubs of community enterprise and sharing economy initiatives;
- engaging positively and proactively with industry and policy-makers in helping to shape effective policy instruments and publicly report financial and non-financial information in relation to our material ESG issues;
- aiming to pay our suppliers accurately and expediently, in accordance with the prompt payment code.

Abigail Dean

Abigail Dean

Head of Sustainability

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Through training programmes, collaboration and engagement with industry organisations and our occupiers and suppliers, we ensure that our people are ready to be a part of Tomorrow’s World.