Preparing for Tomorrow's World: Research

Our global research team carries out in-depth research, to determine the best way to capture long-term, structural changes in both occupational demand and capital flows, to create sustainable real estate products relevant to occupiers and investors, whilst future-proofing our clients’ interests. We have a substantial and fully-integrated R&D team which explores the bigger picture insights that we call megatrends. These megatrends tap into evolutionary themes that have a global impact across demographics, technology, climate, politics and regulation, determining the future-use and demand for real estate in the years to come.

Tomorrow's World research reports

What does the future spell for real estate? 

What does the future spell for real estate?
An A-Z guide to investing in Tomorrow's World real estate


Famous Five 

The Famous Five
The five demographic megatrends that real estate cannot ignore.

Picking Tomorrow's World Cities 

Picking Tomorrow's World Cities
In light of its longer-term research findings relating to global megatrends,
we advocate a city-level approach to real estate investment.


Future Cities
In partnership with PERE, our research team analyses five cities for each
major asset calss which it believes will benefit from one or more of the megatrends.


The density dividend
In conjunction with ULI, we provide a report and case studies on urban change,
addressing the different challenges involved in population growth and shrinkage, as
well as how density might play a role in adapting and building strategies for future cycles.